Sunflower Framing shops in Bucks

Sunflower Framing offers quality framing, done to your requirements, following a consultation with one of our advisors.  Much as we would like to be able to offer a 'Bespoke on line' service, the discussion we have with you when you visit us guarantees that the work we do for you will meet your highest expectations.

Sunflower Locations

BeaconsfieldSunflowerTake me to Beaconsfield
MarlowSunflowerTake me to Marlow
High WycombeAll About FramingTake me to High Wycombe

When the work to be framed is awkard to move we can also come to you with our new'On Site Framing consultation service'

Sunflower in Beaconsfield and Marlow are dedicated Framing shops, The High Wycombe location is concessions.

Each of these locations will be able to take orders for bespoke framing work, show you a wide range of mouldings and mountboards and discuss with you the finer points of your framing needs.

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Hanging System

Hanging System

Alternatives ...

DIY Framing

If you would rather make your own frames this is the place to go, DIY Framing is the one-stop-shop for Framing tools, materials and training.

UK School of Framing

If you have no experience in framing you can learn how to frame your work by checking out some upcoming courses with DIYFraming!